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Welcome to R.G. Electronics

Imparting excellence to the customers is the top priority for the R. G. Electronics. We are in the business of manufacturing and trading of SMPS Power Supplies, SMPS for DVD and DTH, Ferrite & Lamination Transformers and Coils. Communication is a key to us from taking the time to really understand the customers’ requirements, to developing the quality products; they need, to delivering them on time.

With more than 30 years of successful working experience, R. G. Electronics has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We work on the principle that customer is the king and their satisfaction is the soul of any business. This has enabled R. G. Electronics to become a leading name in the manufacturing and supplying of top class products like, Electronics & Electrical, Car Electronics Accessories, Electronic Coils, Transformers and Inductors, Transformer Laminations, Power Transformers, Transformer Coil, SMPS and Electronic Instruments, etc.